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Agastya W. June 5th, 2023

In some jobs like producing Donuts on a big scale, automation is very helpful. But, when it comes to network security, the human hand is crucially needed. 

According to experts, cyber threats become more sophisticated. Hence, IT professionals must more proactively study challenges such as protecting systems and networks.

Agastya W. June 2nd, 2023

Implementing collaboration software as a new business culture is beneficial for employees and business owners. This is because collaboration platforms offer many advantages for small businesses, SMEs or companies.

Here are five benefits of collaboration software in a business

Agastya W. June 1st, 2023

To stay up-to-date in the digital era, businesses must get started in using collaboration software. Here are tips and suggestions for your team.

Ranggi R. May 26th, 2023

Although there are countries that still need to prepare themselves for Industry 4.0, several countries have become the leading ones that are ready for this and considered as the pioneers.

big data for industry 4.0

Ranggi R. May 25th, 2023

Digital Transformation Challenges: Siloed Decision-making, Legacy Systems , Insufficient Budget for Technological Change, Increased Security Risks . Read more..

Ranggi R. May 19th, 2023

With the presence of new technology. It will be easier to improve productivity than before, especially for industries that are digitally transformed. 

Here are 4 types of future productivity…

Ranggi R. May 18th, 2023

Cloud computing allows companies to create transparency in the business ecosystem. What does it mean? and is this beneficial to them?

BSI ransomware

Agastya W. May 17th, 2023

Customers of BSI complained about the transaction activity being cut off for four days on the company’s online banking system. 

This ransomware outbreak has stolen 1.5 million customer and employee databases, totaling 1.5 terabytes of data. Who is LockBit 3.0? Read more in this article.

Ranggi R. May 12th, 2023

Industry 4.0 cannot be implemented as it is now if it is not built on a sophisticated technology foundation.

There are nine pillars and we list them below: Big Data AI analytics, Horizontal and vertical integration, Augmented reality (AR), and more..

Ranggi R. May 11th, 2023

Since we entered the 2000s decade, things have changed in a rapid way. In fact, there is almost no one who does not rely on technology.

This is the time when smart machines, storage systems, and production facilities start to have the capability to operate themselves. They can exchange information or trigger actions even without human involvement.

Agastya W. May 05th, 2023

People are driven by the Internet of Things (IoT) to consume more information and work digitally. 

As workers or freelancers, they become more competitive and productive. This case creates higher-skilled workers and better opportunities for the future.

industry 4.0

Agastya W. May 04th, 2023

This era is challenging for manufacturers, entrepreneurs, and others since digitalization in companies is necessary. Thus, implementing the four design principles will enhance its supply chain management.

To adopt Industry 4.0, there are four design principles you can follow.

cyber crime

Ranggi R. April 28th, 2023

Cyber warfare is using computers and the internet to launch cyber attacks or threats to wage war  against a nation-state or international organization. Therefore, a cyber attack can be intended to start a war.

5 companies targeted by cyber attacks

Ranggi R. April 27th, 2023

The higher the tree is, the stronger the wind. As an organization becomes larger and continues to expand, it has a high chance to be threatened. Do you want to know who’s 5 companies that have become attackers’ target? Read more

Ranggi R. April 21th, 2023

The negative side of work from home method has been experienced by many people, and some employees are the ones who were unlucky. Learn Common Risks When Employees Work Remotely!

data privacy vs data security

Ranggi R. April 20th, 2023

Data privacy and data security play an important role in preventing digital risks. How could it be?

cyber criminals

Ranggi R. April 14th, 2023

Cybercriminals are individuals or teams that perform digital activities on digital systems or networks for the purpose of making a profit through fraud, theft, and other criminals involving digital devices. Can you identify them?

Ranggi R. April 13th, 2023

Cyber attack threats can come from anywhere. There are two types of cyber threats: outsider threats and insider threats. Also, there are 5 types of cyber attacks. Read more here.

Ranggi R. April 07th, 2023

Instead of building physical servers or storing data on local storage, everyone puts all their files and documents in the cloud.

With this situation, local storage starts to lose its users. But why?


Ranggi R. April 06th, 2023

To prevent data loss, cloud storage is the solution. Hands down. No need to worry about your data, because once you store yours in it, it will remain there.

However, if cloud storage offers the best service, does that mean that cloud storage is expensive?

Ranggi R. March 31st, 2023

Like many entities, public bodies also own digital assets. What makes a public body’s digital assets different is that the organization does not only own its digital assets.

Ranggi R. March 30th 2023

Besides public and private cloud storage, you can enjoy the combination of both – Hybrid Cloud Storage.

Ranggi R. March 23rd, 2023

After reading why private cloud storage is more secure than public cloud storage. Small business owners are starting to search for a solution to protect their businesses. So, let’s start with Jaybod.

Ranggi R. March 22nd, 2023

Do you run your business? Do you run your company’s data security also? This reading might help you to decide which cloud storage suits your business.

Ranggi R. March 17th, 2023

After knowing that public storage is the cheapest cloud storage, you may be wondering which brand offers you the best price with lots of benefits.

Ranggi R. March 16th, 2023

When you decide to use cheap cloud storage, price is not the only reason to be considered. These 3 steps listed below might help you: Read more!

Ranggi R. March 10th, 2023

Everyone knows that cloud storage is beneficial. However, do you really think cloud storage always has good sides? Read more here.

cloud data storage

Ranggi R. March 9th, 2023

Enter your username and password, land on the homepage, click the upload button, and done, your files are successfully stored. 

But, have you ever wondered where your data is stored every time you save it?

Agastya W. February 24th, 2023

Collaboration software is a cloud-based collaboration and communication tool. It implies that everyone can participate and work together on the same project from anywhere using the same screen. Working physically or remotely is not an issue for every company with the help of collaboration tools.

Agastya W. February 23rd, 2023

Some lone workers feel isolated from the organization. Being away from colleagues could make it difficult to get the right support, especially remote workers.

So, what should managers do to protect the work environment?

big bang

Ranggi R. February 17th, 2023

Whether by organizations or individuals, the volume will be enormous once the data is collected. That’s why it’s difficult for software to handle. Big data also finds itself tricky when it comes to storing it in storage. That’s why you need to consider Jaybod as secure online storage to exchange your digital files as well as to centralize your data in the company.

Ranggi R. February 16th, 2023

The value of online collaboration is undeniable. Employees, managers, and even directors can get advantages, whether in the workplace or at home when working remotely. Collaboration impacts productivity. 

Moreover, the value of collaboration impacts business success. By increasing financial returns, organizations that have not yet implemented collaboration begin recognizing its value.

Ranggi R. February 13th, 2023

More women in science, please! Because everyone deserves the same chance.

Ranggi R. February 10th, 2023

Jaybod provides you with a dedicated Workgroup that includes chat rooms. You can easily create new groups and then add or remove members, using user administration tools without disturbing their phone numbers. Whether it is a temporary or permanent group, it will not cause any problems with employee privacy. 

Synchronous Online Collaboration

Ranggi R. February 9th, 2023

Besides achieving the team’s goal, synchronous also has an impact on cost efficiency and energy savings. Thus, a virtual team can help a lot. Following are the virtual team types.

Agastya W. February 7th, 2023

As today is a safer internet day, it’s a good idea to remind everyone around you to be more careful when using the internet, especially for children. Do you know why? These are 5 tips for you and your children.


Ranggi R. February 3rd, 2023

Since work-from-anywhere and empathetic workplace have become popular, everyone dives into digital collaboration automatically. Most employees from various industries work, conduct meetings, and complete tasks with digital collaboration, hence working together in a digital way is essential now.

Ranggi R. February 2nd, 2023

We all should stay relevant.

The world never stops developing. Technology and culture are just a few things that are constantly evolving with the development of the world. As happened in the 21st century, when technology in life in the year is developing faster than ever.

Ranggi R. January 20th, 2023

Never ignore the safety of your data, files, or digital assets. You always have a choice of the best way to safely manage your files.

But, one thing is for sure. You can’t deny the existence of JBOD. So, what is JBOD? Is it really important in our daily life?

Ranggi R. January 19th, 2023

Asking yourself this question will help you choose the best option. What’s your occupation? Knowing who you are will help you determine the types of files you should have. Here are some illustrations that may be useful.

Ranggi R. January 13th, 2023

Feeling overwhelmed basically means your emotions are taking over your mind and body. No wonder the temptation to procrastinate is common. But the challenge is, how to adjust to this situation?

Ranggi R. January 12th, 2023

As business owners, you must understand that all the assets you have are very important. One of them is data, ranging from financial reports to employee databases. You should be able to maintain it properly and protect it from any potential cybercrime.

Ranggi R. January 5th, 2023

By using two-factor authentication (2FA), you can avoid some types of cyberattacks. Here’s how to safeguard your possessions.


Ranggi R. January 5th, 2023

With various possible data issues, let encryption be familiar to you. Because there is never too much protection for your data.

Ranggi R. December 30th, 2022

Files are things that participate in our daily activities. It might be valuable or nothing at all. But it feels better to keep everything than regret it when the files are lost. The question is, can we recover deleted files? 

Ranggi R. December 29th, 2022

We do not want our sensitive personal information to be leaked and consumed by others. Age, gender, profession, location, or even political views. It is privacy that we must protect and never let other people know everything about us.

Ranggi R. December 23rd, 2022

We cannot deny the importance of data privacy. Our personal information is more widespread than a virus on the internet. When we are signing up on digital platforms, applications, or social media, our personal information is required. Some of them provide maximum data protection for themselves, some don’t.

Ranggi R. December 22nd, 2022

What is accessible needs guaranteed safety.

Ranggi R. December 16th, 2022

As you already know in 5 Reasons why cloud migration is important. Now you can choose different types of cloud storage based on your needs and deployment options.

Ranggi R. December 15th, 2022

Digitalization is the process of converting something to digital. So you can access everything online, such as accessing data. When it comes to online access, cloud computing has a key role. Relying on the cloud computing environment is a good decision for data since it provides cloud storage.