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Synchronous Online Collaboration

Ranggi R. February 09 2023

Besides achieving the team’s goal, synchronous also has an impact on cost efficiency and energy savings. Thus, a virtual team can help a lot. Following are the virtual team types.

Agastya W. February 07 2023

As today is a safer internet day, it’s a good idea to remind everyone around you to be more careful when using the internet, especially for children. Do you know why? These are 5 tips for you and your children.


Ranggi R. February 03, 2023

Since work-from-anywhere and empathetic workplace have become popular, everyone dives into digital collaboration automatically. Most employees from various industries work, conduct meetings, and complete tasks with digital collaboration, hence working together in a digital way is essential now.

Ranggi R. February 02, 2023

We all should stay relevant.

The world never stops developing. Technology and culture are just a few things that are constantly evolving with the development of the world. As happened in the 21st century, when technology in life in the year is developing faster than ever.

Ranggi R. January 20, 2023

Never ignore the safety of your data, files, or digital assets. You always have a choice of the best way to safely manage your files.

But, one thing is for sure. You can’t deny the existence of JBOD. So, what is JBOD? Is it really important in our daily life?

Ranggi R. January 19, 2023

Asking yourself this question will help you choose the best option. What’s your occupation? Knowing who you are will help you determine the types of files you should have. Here are some illustrations that may be useful.

Ranggi R. January 13, 2023

Feeling overwhelmed basically means your emotions are taking over your mind and body. No wonder the temptation to procrastinate is common. But the challenge is, how to adjust to this situation?

Ranggi R. January 12, 2023

As business owners, you must understand that all the assets you have are very important. One of them is data, ranging from financial reports to employee databases. You should be able to maintain it properly and protect it from any potential cybercrime.

Ranggi R. January 5, 2023

By using two-factor authentication (2FA), you can avoid some types of cyberattacks. Here’s how to safeguard your possessions.

Ranggi R. January 5, 2023

With various possible data issues, let encryption be familiar to you. Because there is never too much protection for your data.

Ranggi R. December 30, 2022

Files are things that participate in our daily activities. It might be valuable or nothing at all. But it feels better to keep everything than regret it when the files are lost. The question is, can we recover deleted files? 

Ranggi R. December 29, 2022

We do not want our sensitive personal information to be leaked and consumed by others. Age, gender, profession, location, or even political views. It is privacy that we must protect and never let other people know everything about us.

Ranggi R. December 23, 2022

We cannot deny the importance of data privacy. Our personal information is more widespread than a virus on the internet. When we are signing up on digital platforms, applications, or social media, our personal information is required. Some of them provide maximum data protection for themselves, some don’t.

Ranggi R. December 22, 2022

What is accessible needs guaranteed safety.

Ranggi R. December 16, 2022

As you already know in 5 Reasons why cloud migration is important. Now you can choose different types of cloud storage based on your needs and deployment options.

Ranggi R. December 15, 2022

Digitalization is the process of converting something to digital. So you can access everything online, such as accessing data. When it comes to online access, cloud computing has a key role. Relying on the cloud computing environment is a good decision for data since it provides cloud storage.