Cats and Technology

By Agastya W.

Published on August 7th, 2023

Happy International Cat Day to all cat lovers around the world!

It is widely known that every cat owner seeks top-quality items for their feline companions, such as premium cat food, litter, vitamins, and toys.

However, not everyone has the time to commit themselves to cat care. As a result of this condition, cats are abandoned.  

In order to assist individuals who own cats and decrease the number of cats being abandoned, this article will demonstrate how inventors employ advanced technology to improve the health and happiness of pets.

Technology for Pet Owners

Here are four innovative ways to enhance pets’ well-being. From smart feeding systems to smart litter systems, technology got you covered. 

1) Smart Feeding Systems

Besides helping cat owners to feed their cats on time, automatic feeders help provide proper weight management to your cat. 

This machine allows you to schedule the number of meals per day and automatically divide your pet’s meals into smaller potions over 15 minutes to improve digestion.

You can click this article to read and buy cat-feeding machines.

2) Health and Wellness Tracking Systems

With wellness tracking systems, you can now monitor your cats’ health from anywhere. Smart apps can provide insights into wellness scores for at least seven days, including activity, sleep, and weight scores. 

Cat owners can easily create their cat’s profile, set the goal, and monitor any recent changes immediately. For example, how to calculate the quality of sleep your cat got last night. 

Here are 5 best wellness tracking apps for you to download:

  1. VitusVet
  2. PupTox
  3. My Pet
  4. PitPat
  5. Whistle

Learn more about these 5 apps. 

3) Online Communities and Support

The digital era means utilizing social media to grow communities and forums. Thus, cat owners no longer face challenges alone. They can ask, share, or offer help to people who join the platforms. 

Here are some popular cat accounts for you to follow:

  1. My Cat Space – Blog full of tips and tricks for pets, website-based. 
  2. Catster – Blog or forum for cat lovers, website-based.
  3. Cat Club – Social networking about cats, website-based.
  4. – Social networking to cats breeding, website-based. 
  5. Meow Mail – Social networking to share opinions and thoughts about cats, website-based. 

4) Smart Litter Systems

This new invention is a litter box that cleans itself. It has sensors to find your cats’ dirt and moves it into a separate container. So that cat owners only need to clean the surface without any dirt.  So that cat owners only need to clean the surface without any dirt. 

While a conventional litter box may produce a bad smell, self-cleaning litter boxes help reduce odor around the box cleaner automatically with its sensor. 

Therefore, 30%-50% of cats will be grooming themselves. 


Utilizing technology for the requirements of pets, particularly cats can assist cat owners in managing their chores. With so much convenience, both cats and owners will be happier and healthier.