Get to Know About Data Privacy – Why is important?

By Ranggi R.

Published on December 23, 2022

When we talk about data privacy, it also refers to information privacy. That has the meaning of “any information – including name, location, contact information, etc. – which is considered confidential information, thus the data owner will protect it, such as keeping and controlling it.”

We cannot deny the importance of data privacy. Our personal information is more widespread than a virus on the internet. When we are signing up on digital platforms, applications, or social media, our personal information is required. Some of them provide maximum data protection for themselves, some don’t.

The last thing we can do is be more aware and pay more attention to it. Once our data is in the wrong hands, bad things can happen. One thing for sure: we can still keep our privacy online.

Online Protection Secures Online Privacy

Today, technology makes some expensive items affordable. With the appearance of cloud environments, storing and maintaining data privacy is easier and cheaper than ever.

Different environments, different methods. Cloud storage has its way to keep our data available. Most cloud storage services provide encryption, data recovery, and backup. It’s all to protect stored data.

Besides those protection features for users who have registered, cloud storage also allows anyone to secure their data, even when they are signing up. After creating an account, Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) will ensure the account is fully run by us. Not only data, cloud storage has already secured accounts, too. If an account cannot be protected, then how can it protect the data within the account?

Cloud Storage Role

As we already mention why using cloud storage is important, using it will increase the security of data and other digital assets. With its flexibility, we can manage our data anytime, anywhere, with any device. It proves that cloud storage can be our companion, and the stored data is always with us, no matter the distance and time.

This is way better than storing it in a personal hard drive. Rather than storing in local storage where we have to be there just to  manage data due to limited accessibility, we can instantly share, edit or delete our data. Especially when remote working becomes more popular, there is no other reason for not using cloud storage for data security and backup.

There are many cloud storage services that provide users with many features also with protection and security. Choose a cloud storage service that guarantees privacy with zero knowledge.

Always Remember. Your Data is Your Privacy

Again and again, data is one of the most important digital assets that everyone has, at least one. From personal information to confidential archives, they are all saved in digital format. In a world where most things rely on technology, we should have at least one digital data and digital backup data for our daily needs.

When everything has its digital version, it means it becomes important to protect it. Our privacy can be somewhere, in a virtual world, owned by someone, if we do not keep an eye on ours. As internet usage has increased, awareness of data privacy also increases.