5 Reasons Why Cloud Migration Is Important

By Ranggi R.

Published on December 15, 2022

Digitalization is the process of converting something to digital. So you can access everything online, such as accessing data. When it comes to online access, cloud computing has a key role. Relying on the cloud computing environment is a good decision for data since it provides cloud storage.

Cloud storage is a technology that allows everyone to store and manage data using cloud computing, which can be accessed remotely with an internet connection. Data is stored in a remote location, which makes data access more efficient.

There are advantages that you can get from cloud storage. Below are 5 things you need to know and how cloud storage offers solutions.

These Reasons Will Open Your Eyes

1) Data is an Asset

Here and now, we sense the presence of the digital economy. Transformation of business, services and other aspects, there are things that change. We conduct our economic activities differently and rely more than ever on the latest technology.

We live in two worlds at once: the real world and the digital world. Every day, billions of online connections exist among devices, businesses, and data. This definitely affects our real world, too. These two environments go simultaneously, although they are not in the same place and dimension.

Hence, data is a valuable asset. Since the digital economy emerged and provided a different perception of business structure, data has much more value, making it more valuable than oil. It is more valuable than… ever.

Therefore, valuable things – which are data – deserve more protection. With cloud storage, you can guarantee yourself data safety.

2. Protect Sensitive Data

The importance of data starts to get more recognition. Besides business needs, data also relates to personal information, such as full name, home address, and email address. Both are very important and cannot be treated like one is more important than the other.

Data can be used for various purposes. You can use it as a tool to achieve the best result for your work, or you can use it as a tool to support bad intentions. Some personal information is just too sensitive that they all need to be highly protected, in order to prevent the worst case. On the other hand, business-related data has a lot of confidential information that is prohibited from being published or displayed in publicThis is when the awareness of data protection and data privacy needs to emerge.

A reliable SaaS product must have maximum security in its system, to keep the user’s data safe. Therefore, no one can access your private data freely. The zero-knowledge security model is available for more privacy.

3. Make Data Everlasting

Storing data on a hard drive is an option, but not the best. Because hard drives can easily crash, or even get lost. Even if the hard drive is operating properly, it’s only a matter of time until it stops working. Because hard drives also have a lifespan. This will be impactful enough to cause loss of your data.

Another consequence of unprotected and unsecured data is the loss of the data. When we talk about data security, we must be able to fully control it, which means data must remain available in order to be always in our sights. Unfortunately, there are many ways to steal or delete our data. When data has been stolen, there is nothing more we can do and the data has been lost and is no longer ours.

In digital life, cloud storage is the best choice for storing and managing data. There are useful feature for each stored data to back up, restore and restore, which makes data more everlast and flexible. And most of the cloud storage platforms are equipped with the best security, which provides convenience for the users.

4. Manage Assets Privately

In terms of business, when important data is lost, the business must use its time to recover or recreate it, in order to fill the empty gaps. This is such a waste of time and has an impact on employees’ productivity.

The data loss caused the entire internal team to restart, and also affects the relationship with clients. Trust and respect are earned. When data loss occurs, clients will reconsider counting on the business we have. Losing data means losing trust, respect, and clients.

Using cloud storage in the workplace is the best way to gain more trust from your business partner. One of the core elements of cloud storage is privacy. Storing data in cloud storage will automatically keep it private, since the cybersecurity always keeps an eye for the data.

5. Be More Confident

One of the easiest ways to prevent data loss is to back up all of our data. Always remember that what we back up can also be lost. Therefore, do not let our backup data disappear. Storing backups in a separate location is the most effective backup plan for keeping them safe.

Thus, storing your backup in a cloud storage environment is highly recommended. Besides its safety, cloud storage allows you to access our data in a more flexible way. Anytime and anywhere, we can manage data remotely, regardless of the current location and situation or the devices we use. In addition, a cloud computing environment has more space than a hard drive and is much more secure from cybersecurity threats.

With cloud storage, all employees feel more comfortable, confident, and flexible. In other words, cloud storage get rid of all difficulties.