World Emoji Day: Celebrating Emojis in the Digital Era

By Agastya W.

Published on July 19, 2023

Nowadays, using emojis is a part of our digital communication. Surprisingly, it has become a universal language in daily life.

Maybe emojis seem too casual for several occasions: Talking to bosses, interacting with colleagues, or with clients. However, emojis could be a way to express ourselves and get connected with others. 

Are you an emojis person? Let’s deep dive into the importance of emoji and how emoji can be an effective communication tool.

What is Emoji? And Where Do Emojis Come From?

In short, emojis are human emotions represented as digital objects (pictogram, logogram, or ideogram) that can be used in electronic messages and digital platforms. 

Represented as encoded characters, emojis exist in many types, including facial expressions, animals, weather, buildings, flags, foods, and so on.

Emojis were first used in Japanese mobile phones in 1997, and they became extremely popular in the 2010s. Emojis have since grown in popularity in the West and around the world. 

Fun Fact: Emojis Become a Powerful Communicator

Today’s emoji are totally different from 2000’s emoji. With a high-resolution visualization, emoji offer ‘a real emotions that can be felt by humans.

Whether expressing happiness, sadness, laughter, and other emotions. Somehow it enriches people’s conversation personally. 

Emojis succeed in removing gaps and barriers between digital people. Moreover, it can strengthen communication relationships or long-distance relationships. 

How Emoji Works in Enhancing Communication

Here are simple example of how emoji can give a positive and warmth to digital communication.

This conversation creates a warm ambiance between friends. They know each other feelings by expressing their thought through emojis. 

To be sure, here are three pros points of how emoji are important in our daily life communication:

1) Digital Emotions

From different perspectives, writing a brief message can be basic or even harsh. People use emojis as additional words to express emotion and friendliness. 

Because emoji provides more humanized connections than text-based messaging alone.

2) Universal Languages

When conversing with a foreigner, talking using emoji is easier and more understandable. This allows us to connect with others without boundaries. 

Emoji helps people from around the world to communicate with others. 

3) Visual Storytelling

Emoji visual quality improves year after year. As everyone knows, stickers are emoji that can move and make sounds, making them more engaging. 

It has an impact on specific digital marketing techniques, advertising campaigns, and creative work. Emojis have made the world more interactive.


World Emoji Day gives us a new perspective on how impactful digital communication can be. In other words, emoji has an important role in our life. 

If you have not used emojis as your part of digital communication, let’s start today!