Why Organization Needs a Secure File Sharing Platform

By Ranggi R.

Published on April 27th, 2023

As related to the previous article, working from home does not mean we can avoid cyber attacks. In fact, there are some threats that we can only find when working remotely.

Every single cyber attack can be launched from any location. Even worse, cyber attacks can cause damage to computers, computer networks, and other computing systems.

Thus, in a worst-case scenario, it is possible for cyber-attacks to have a global impact once cyber attacks are launched.

That is why cyber-attacks are dangerous. Besides the employees working at the company, the company itself is also vulnerable to cyber attacks.

Cyber Attacks on Entities

As time goes by, cyber-criminals have become more sophisticated. Every single thing is more likely not safe from attack, especially organizations.

Although digital transformation is welcomed by more organizations, there are still many businesses whose cyber-security is not properly advanced. Some businesses do not even have a concern about the importance of data safety or security at all.

There are organizations that fall victim to cyber attacks. It’s no wonder that 78% of senior IT and IT security leaders say they are unsure of their company’s cybersecurity and believe it needs improvement, according to an IDG Research Services survey

Furthermore, organizations both small and large ones, are facing a global cybersecurity skills shortage. Especially small businesses, with 43% of them not having any cyber defenses.

The higher the tree is, the stronger the wind. As an organization becomes larger and continues to expand, it has a high chance to be threatened.

5 Companies Have Become Attackers’ Target

Like individuals, entities are also compromised by cyber crimes. Some businesses had even become victims. Here are companies that have experienced it, listed below:

One of the most high-profile cases of cyber attack, in which 273 million passwords and usernames of users were exposed to cyber attackers.

  • Ebay

The e-commerce giant is also a victim. There are an estimated 233 million customers who exchanged passwords after eBay suffered a massive cyber attack.

Even Google had experienced it. About 5 million Gmail account holder usernames and passwords were leaked on a Russian forum site in September 2014.

It was a bad time both for Apple and celebrities, as hackers accessed Apple iCloud and posted private photos of celebrities online.

A Cyberattack was launched on JPMorgan Chase in June 2014. Even worse, this financial firm did not notice it until August. Hackers from Russia gained access to servers and stole contact information from 76 million households and 7 million businesses.

Cyber Security is Needed, As Soon As Possible

We have mentioned 5 companies that have already experienced cyber-attacks and threats, but there are still many companies that have become victims of cyber attacks.

Not to mention that the cyberattacks all took place in the United States. Companies in all countries of the world are also suffering from it.

Therefore, always equip your company with tools that provide cyber security and extra layers of data protection.

Securing Now, with Jaybod

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