The Cloud: Is It Expensive?

By Ranggi R.

Published on April 6th, 2023

The need for things related to digital is skyrocketing. Data is one of them. Everyone has at least one piece of confidential information in digital format, and they must protect it at all costs. Otherwise, they will lose it all, due to software crashes, computer viruses, data breaches, or even self-inflicted human error.

To prevent data loss, cloud storage is the solution. Hands down. No need to worry about your data, because once you store yours in it, it will remain there.

However, if cloud storage offers the best service, does that mean that cloud storage is expensive?

It is not a Lavish Object

Every technology is associated with expensive things. It will always be. Cloud storage is one of the technologies perceived as expensive storage. That is why there are many people who are reluctant to migrate their data to cloud storage.

However, this kind of thought is somewhat wrong in recent times. Unless we are living before digital transformation exists, that perception would be relevant. Technology is for everyone now, regardless of their background, skills, or even where they are from. This has happened because the time has come to support the digital transformation itself.

Hence, technology is designed as an easy-to-use tool. In terms of data storage and security, we can use cloud storage to manage every kind of digital thing in an easy way. Besides its convenience, technology is affordable now, although there are some technologies that still cost lots of money.

Therefore, if you use cloud storage and the price is expensive, then you are choosing the wrong cloud storage service.

Various Different Aspects

Let’s take a closer look. Compared to local ones, cloud storage offers a different aspect that local storage doesn’t have.

If you prefer local storage over the cloud, power consumption and physical space are the most important things to consider and cost a lot of money to spend.

With cloud storage, you don’t have to think and worry about both. Since it is fully supported by the internet, cloud storage does not require physical space.

Maintenance is another factor to think about before you make a decision. At least one person is required to work in the role of managing and maintaining local storage. Because it is part of the job, the person needs to be paid.

Of course, cloud storage also needs to be maintained, but you don’t have to. Server maintenance and upgrades are at the service provider. So are the costs.

Most importantly, many cloud storage providers offer free cloud storage (around 5 – 25 GB). This is especially beneficial for those who need storage to store any kind of data.

It is Totally Worth It

Using cloud storage is not expensive at all. In fact, it is a solution for saving your money while keeping your data safe. Moreover, when we talk about cloud storage, there is a sustainability factor involved. That means once you start with cloud storage, you’ll keep your data safe for years to come.

This is long term storage and cheap. So, which one do you choose?