Jaybod Helps Companies Through Big Data

By Ranggi R.

Published on February 17 2023

As mentioned earlier, research shows a personal platform creates uneasy feelings for employees to communicate and share files with others. Especially, a large company files. 

That’s why you need to consider Jaybod as secure online storage to exchange your digital files as well as to centralize your data in the company.

But, before you know how to utilize Jaybod for your business. Have you ever wondered…. How many company files are stored?

According to Zippia extensive research, 60% of all corporate data is stored in the cloud. And by 2025 it will be increased to 61%, in the future (estimated 175 zettabytes) of stored data in the cloud. That means a majority of companies choose cloud storage for storing their important data. 

That is called big data.

What Is Big Data?

To define it easily, big data is a large volume of data, which is difficult to manage. In other words, big data is also data, but only of a very large size. Big data has three types: structured, unstructured and semi-structured.

Every data can increase its volumes, such as photos, videos, files, and other digital assets. Which is why there are approximately 500 terabytes of new data coming into the databases of social media sites every day. This proves to us how high the volume of big data is. Moreover, it happens on a daily basis.

Whether by organizations or individuals, the volume will be enormous once the data is collected. That’s why it’s difficult for software to handle. Big data also finds itself tricky when it comes to storing it in storage.

What are The Benefits of Big Data?

Big data, it turns out and cannot be denied, has turned out to be an important element in business. As long as organizations are able to handle big data, this data can be leveraged and used to plan business strategies.

When it comes to products or services, big data allows organizations to see risks or errors. Big data can detect something wrong, identifying it early.

Also, big data can be harnessed in terms of interaction with customers. Big data can read responses from customers, evaluate them, and give them feedback. It is why big data is perfect for operational efficiency.

Weaponize Big Data Easily With Jaybod

Designed as a cloud storage platform, Jaybod offers more than you think. It allows you to allocate storage capacity to your employees and have full control over the access. 

Your digital assets matter. Hence, it provides encryption that can be implemented easily. Just create a password to be encrypted, and you’ve given your digital assets more privacy. Encrypted digital can be decrypted by adding an encryption password. Just your employees and you can access the digital assets.

In short, Jaybod supports massive data transformation. To manage your collection of digital materials, you can be more secure and scalable.

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