Private Cloud Storage for Data Privacy

By Ranggi R.

Published on March 23rd, 2023

Do you run your business? Do you run your company’s data security also? This reading might help you to decide which cloud storage suits your business.

What Is Private Cloud Storage?

Cloud storage has four types: public, private, hybrid, and community cloud storage. Each provides benefits to those who migrate their data or workloads to the cloud.

Private cloud storage is a type of storage based on a cloud computing environment dedicated only to a single customer. It is exclusively for a single customer whose access is for that one customer as well.

It is very beneficial for individual needs. You can store data or other digital assets that are confidential since private cloud storage can be customized as needed. To keep it more private, this cloud storage type is for you.

How Does Private Cloud Storage Work?

Designed as a single-tenant environment, the private cloud is only accessible by a single customer, meaning this cloud type is fully dedicated. Isolated access, as it is known.

These private cloud infrastructures can be located either on-premises or with a third party. It is more secure and more expensive than the other clouds since it is designed for individual needs.

When users start with a private cloud, they do not need to share resources. The main advantage of private cloud matches is suitable for every kind of business. As we know, businesses need a high level of security in order to keep confidential information. Therefore, its proprietary software surely helps it.

Therefore, if your business has been established and will continue growing, using private cloud storage is the best choice to achieve your business goals and keep your company data from the worst cases.

Is Private Cloud More Secure Than Public Cloud?

Clouds are a useful tool. Hence, it has become well-known, especially during the pandemic in 2020. In the same year, 61% of businesses migrated their workloads to the cloud, according to Zippia.

Since that, using cloud storage has become a priority choice. Still from Zippia, 94% of enterprises use cloud services and 67% of enterprise infrastructure is now cloud-based in 2022.

The statistics show that cloud storage is crucial for data safety and management. Research conducted by theSwiss Cyber Institute shows 72% of organizations consider cloud migration as the priority of digital transformation because it will impact the security of their organization.

This makes sense, considering that whether the organization is big or small, the organization has a high level of urgency when it comes to data protection.

How To Decide?

Of course, private cloud storage offers many advantages to those who use it. To help you determine whether you need private cloud storage or not, Here are 3 steps to consider, listed below:

1)Based on your company’s needs

If your business wants to keep its sustainability, then choose private storage that helps you declutter the company’s digital files and documents. Private cloud storage provides high scalability, so it supports you with your increasing needs for storage capacity.

2)Levels of security 

Security is crucial, especially if you are running a business. Whether your business is thriving  or growing, always pay attention to your cloud storage’s security. Once cybercriminals successfully steal your data, it will affect the continuity of your business. Thus, private cloud storage is for you, because this type of cloud storage is equipped with encryption. As a result, confidential information and private data are fully protected.


Cutting costs is necessary. In order to survive, almost all companies figure out how to gain more revenues and spend less money. You can still afford private cloud storage, as long as you are rigorous when finding out the best private cloud storage for you.

Private Cloud Storage Benefits

From the assessment above, private cloud storage is the best option for you. Here’s why.

  • Security

Private cloud consists of dedicated infrastructure, equipped with a better server, network, and application security. Moreover, since it is private, this cloud type is limited only to certain environments.

  • Performance

Dedicated infrastructure is unaffected by external factors. So, the private cloud will always be able to keep running properly, without affecting the digital activities of other organizations.

  • Savings

The more private the cloud, the more secure it is. The more secure the cloud, the longer your data is saved.

Keep It More Private

Unlike the public cloud, the computing resources of the private cloud are more dedicated. Thus, the private cloud has things the public one does not have.

You always have at least one reason to rely more on the private cloud.