Cybercriminals, Who Are The People Behind This?

By Ranggi R.

Published on April 14th, 2023

Could It Be A Political Motivation?

In 2022, at the beginning of September, there was a massive data leak that occurred by a mysterious hacker. Someone became a trending topic on social media after hackers claimed to have leaked data, comprising registered SIM cards. People knew this criminal as Bjorka.

Not only that. The hacker also shared sensitive data from the general elections commission, the national intelligence body, and even important documents which belonged to the president.

It was one of the unforgettable moments of the year.

When Criminals Are Online

There are many problems in terms of digital activity in Indonesia. Data leaks, hacking, and other cyber crimes are issues that have long plagued Indonesia.

Cybercriminals are individuals or teams that perform digital activities on digital systems or networks for the purpose of making a profit through fraud, theft, and other criminals involving digital devices.

In the case of theft, cybercriminals carry out their actions with the aim of stealing confidential or personal assets or data.

Moreover, they can be deceptive only to manipulate their victims to generate digital revenue.

They who commit cyber crimes have access to underground markets filled with other cybercriminals for malicious goods and services trading. Tools and data owned through cyber crimes are two of the most common things sold on the underground markets since this kind of market is specialized in certain transactions.

The Motives of Cybercriminals

With the presence of cyber-criminals, it is undeniable that many people commit crimes digitally. With so many emerging cybercriminals, they have a few things in common.

First, the intent. They commit cyber crimes in order to gain profits financially. Money and data are their favorite things to commit theft. They even disrupt businesses if they think it is necessary. 

Compared to other criminals who commit crimes, cyber-criminals tend to conduct their operations with less time needed. Also, they just stay in one place to obtain things they are not supposed to own: Intellectual property.

Who Are They, Actually?

It’s hard to know who the prime suspect is. However, cyber crimes can always be committed by organizations, state actors, or simply private persons.

Even worse, threats can come from within, if we talk specifically about cybercrimes in business. In fact, they have more opportunities to steal confidential data or confidential information of a company,

because they are authorized to access everything about where they work. They can be employees or former employees, business partners, or clients. They can be one of your colleagues.

Things to Do with Our Data

A data breach or data leak occurs when personal data or sensitive data is accidentally exposed on the Internet, where everyone can know and access it.

Besides it is simply an unintentional error due to human error, mostly it is a hacker attack that causes data to be no longer confidential. As a result of that, the data is very likely lost and used for negative purposes.

But, every problem must have a solution. In this case, you can solve it by using encryption. Encryption even helps you prevent data breaches before they happen. Equip yourself with storage that allows you to encrypt your data for maximum protection.

As long as your data is stored properly, it will remain safe.