It is More Than Just Your Bunch of Disks

By Ranggi R.

Published on January 20 2023

Never ignore the safety of your data, files, or digital assets. You always have a choice of the best way to safely manage your files.

But, one thing is for sure. You can’t deny the existence of JBOD. So, what is JBOD? Is it really important in our daily life?

MoreThan Just A Four-Letter Word

JBOD. Many people refer to “Just a Bunch of Disks”. Some people refer to “Just a Bunch of Drives”. You name it, because it could mean both.

To define what JBOD is, we’ll make it easy. So, basically, it refers to a single stack of external drives connected to the computer. 

Or, in other words, it is a type of multilevel configuration for disks, which refers to a collection of numerous disk drives within a computer system combined as a single logical volume. .

When data needs to be archived, or when we need storage media, or other storage scenarios, JBOD is the solution.

Various Benefits Become the Reason

For those wondering whether this is an efficient storage method, then the answer is ‘100% correct’. JBOD offers huge amounts of storage, which is why it is used by many organizations and entities where various digital assets and confidential information are stored. Hence, it can be implemented into our data storage.

1) Flexibility

The advantage of JBOD is that it can be configured according to user needs. Therefore, if you run out of storage, you can add extra storage to your system and be able to connect to another drive.

2) Cost Efficiency

One of the other reasons why many organizations or entities also use JBOD is because of its cost effectiveness. As we know, in order to make money, it is not enough to completely focus on ways of generating income. Reducing costs is also important, which is why organizations consider JBOD a top choice.


For users’ safety, JBOD helps minimize possible causes of data loss. And not only that. It also allows us to recover missing files when data is accidentally deleted. This will lead everyone to start using JBOD for data backup, in case of data loss.

How About Adding ‘AY’ in ‘JBOD’?

After knowing the definition and advantages of using JBOD, we can rely on it in terms of data storage and data security. However, have you ever wondered if this collection of disks – or drives – combined, putting them all in one location?

Virtualization makes everything possible. It can turn anything into a virtual version, including a stack of disks. On the other hand, cloud computing is an environment where all virtual objects can be found. With the internet, these kinds of things have their place.

We are now living in an age where the world is moving towards digital transformation. Therefore, it is time to make JBOD more virtual and feel the #DifferentExperience.

Introducing, JAYBOD

Let’s turn JBOD (Just Bunch of Disks) into Jaybod (Just Aggregate Your Bunch of Disks)

Jaybod is so much more than that. With its flexibility and accessibility, you can store all types of files online and easily manage them using any device.. You are allowed to upload, create, download, share, move, rename, and delete yours anywhere and anytime

1) Equipped with Encryption

Then, Jaybod secures what is stored. Equipped with encryption for an extra layer of protection, you can generate passwords to encrypt digital assets and convert them into an unreadable format. To make it accessible for everyone, just decrypt it easily by adding a password.

2) Files Recovery 

If human error causes accidental digital asset deletion, get it back. You have a chance to get your digital assets back by restoring it, because once a digital asset is deleted, it is stored in Trash for 30 days before being permanently deleted. You have time to recover them. 

3) Collaboration feature

Collaboration matters in recent years. With Workgroup, a collaboration feature, you can create a team and easily invite others to become participants. Also, you can easily communicate with others in one group by Chat for more effective work. Share securely, manage collectively, and interact easily.

Get Started with Jaybod now. Try it for free with 5 GB capacity. For more storage capacity, choose our plan that suits your needs with affordable plans.