Can We Really Recover The Deleted Files?

By Ranggi R.

Published on December 30, 2022

Files are things that participate in our daily activities. We create at least one file, save it, and when we think it’s no longer needed, we delete it. Woosh. this file is missing. Or could it also happen by mistake?

According to a PC World report, 75% of data loss is caused by human error.

What makes it worse is that it happens every day. This can happen in various scenarios, such as when we try to move our files to another location, either on the same or a different server, and end up with accidental deletion. Or when we share files with other people and suddenly, without realizing it, we lose the files.

Now, there are a few questions we should be able to answer. Is it true that the file cannot be returned to us? Can we recover deleted files?

Here are some tips that can be the answer to help save your files.

1) Create Backup Files

If you are worried about losing data, you can duplicate the data/file into several folders or storage areas. But this is at risk of your storage capacity which might run out.

Running out of storage space in your hard drive is causing problems, and you’ll need to delete extra files or get a new hard drive. So what’s the point of backing up your files with limited storage?

2) Prevent With File Management

Files only be kept if they are useful for several purposes, such as business, personal information, financial information, archive, and others that make us obtain advantages from them. However, Will the file be useful someday, so it should still be saved?

Managing files can be one solution. This can help you classify file destinations. You can provide categories by topic, year, need, ownership, etc. As a result, you can organize files before they are deleted.

However, how long will these files remain and consume your hard drive capacity?

3) Cloud Storage To The Rescue

Both options above are great solutions to prevent data loss. But the next question is whether your hard drive is still enough to store all your data? And is storing data on the hard drive the most right solution?

Backing up files and creating file management in cloud storage is the answer! Storing data in cloud storage will be an effective way to implement prevention. When assets on your hard drive are accidentally deleted, you can retrieve data directly from cloud storage.

Here is the answer

Of course every problem has a solution. But before these problems arise, you must also have preventive steps so that this does not happen. Same thing with data loss problem. As a precaution, you can back up and create management files in the right place i.e. Cloud Storage.

Apart from storing backup data, cloud storage also plays an important role in maintaining your privacy. Because with cloud storage, you will get the best service in security.

Choose a cloud storage service that has an automatic file backup and data recovery system, so you don’t have to worry about data loss. Cloud storage must also be equipped with a security system, so you will feel safe for all your personal data.