Finding the Right Cloud Storage is Easy. Here is How!

By Ranggi R.

Published on January 19, 2022

How To Find The Right One?

Numerous cloud storage providers offer unique features, from storing to collaborating. Moreover, it provides a variety of cloud storage options, including public, private, hybrid, and community cloud storage.


Although we have the option to create one to ten cloud storage accounts, it would be a waste to only examine our wants.

This thought comes to our minds: “Does it really fulfill what we need?”

Assessing Yourself Is Important

Asking yourself this question will help you choose the best option. What’s your occupation? Are you a student? A photographer? A banker? Or maybe a professor? Knowing who you are will help you determine the types of files you should have. Here are some illustrations that may be useful.

  • For photographers

Everyone is aware that every photographer needs additional storage. Every time you take on a new project, you will create millions of images or videos that need to be maintained.


Choosing a cloud storage that offers extra capacity is the answer. You will have the convenience of upgrading your storage as you wish. 

  • For students

As a student, you must have lots of files like notes, paper works, research materials, etc. Moreover, you need to collaborate with your group, at any time, anywhere.


In conclusion, you need large storage with collaboration features. It will help you to complete all your task.

  • For bankers

Your data, as a banker, is confidential. There must be a ton of crucial information and documentation. In addition, you have to keep it safe.


Choosing a secure cloud storage is the best decision for you.

The End Game

From the illustrations above, it should be easy for us to find at least one of the many options that suit our needs. Indeed, cloud storage platforms offer convenience to us with security, flexibility and large storage capacity.

However, there is one final question you need to ask yourself:

How much will you spend on buying a cloud storage?


Some cloud storage providers offer a free subscription plan and also additional plans that you may want to upgrade. Additionally, if you already stick to a particular brand, you’ll continue to make more purchases. 

Other Factors for Choosing the Right On

As long as you know their needs, you can quickly identify which cloud storage platforms have the features you need to pay attention to. In following the steps outlined below, help yourself decide to choose a cloud storage platform that meets your needs.

  • Prioritize Security

One of the reasons people use cloud storage is for its security. That is why they back up their digital assets by storing them in cloud storage.

With many available cloud storage platforms, choose one that protects your data with extra layers, such as encryption and Two-Factor Authentication (2FA).

  • Rely on one that can keep you on track.

Having collaboration features on your cloud storage is a wonderful thing. Remember that working remotely can increase productivity. You can complete tasks with your team on a single platform.

  • Choose a cloud storage platform that follows digital trends.

Technology is rapidly developing, which everyone needs to stay relevant with it. Unfortunately, it will be hard if you do not equip yourself with a cloud storage platform whose features do not support


Pick a cloud storage platform that can stay ahead of the game


When you meet all the expectations and qualifications, it can be very beneficial to invest in cloud storage.

Pick a cloud storage platform that can stay ahead of the game.


When you meet all the expectations and qualifications, it can be very beneficial to invest in cloud storage. Have the #DifferentExperience with Jaybod.