World x Relevant x Technology

By Ranggi R.

Published on January 02, 2023

We all should stay relevant.

The world never stops developing. Technology and culture are just a few things that are constantly evolving with the development of the world. As happened in the 21st century, when technology in life in the year is developing faster than ever.

These changing conditions seem to tell us that we must continue to adapt because that will keep us relevant. There are many things that are outdated due to new inventions and innovations.

That’s why we all need to stay relevant, because staying relevant is a key component of keeping us informed and connected to the world.

Working Together Online

Today, it is very relevant to do everything with high efficiency and flexibility. Since digital transformation started its first journey, everyone can carry out their daily activities very effectively.

Digital technology can be used for many things, such as collaboration. You and I can instantly collaborate when we are online, because digital collaboration allows us to connect with each other in real time, anywhere, and anytime.

In terms of work, completing tasks with collaboration is highly recommended. Everyone involved can share their thoughts, skills, and perspectives on completing a project or other.

And the good thing is that collaboration can be further enhanced. Digital collaboration is the answer to that.

Digital Collaboration

As employees, people at least have one moment working under pressure. This somehow causes them to feel stressed. Why does this happen?

Many businesses and organizations may not have the same concern to keep employees’ mental health balanced. Workplaces tolerate overtime work and overload projects which cause employees to be exhausted. Therefore, the employee’s performance will be decreased. 

Having no support system at the workplace could be another reason why employees are less connected to each other. A lack of collaboration is one of the causes of empathic disconnection which leads to a bad teamwork culture. As a result, companies may not achieve their goals.

The Action

According to Dr. Ma, collaboration is critical for quality. He says, when working collaboratively, different parties in the team will share objectives, responsibility, decision-making, and power to achieve goals. 

As an action, companies start to implement digital collaboration on a daily basis, because it helps employees’ conditions.

The Benefits You Get from Digital Collaboration

You always have a reason why you need to start digital collaboration, explained below:

1) Digital collaboration increases productivity

People have concerns about productivity while doing remote work. But what happened was just the opposite.

A research conducted by Stanford University showed that working from home increased productivity among 16,000 workers by 13% over nine months.

2) Digital collaboration makes employees more engaged with one another

Digital collaboration plays an important role in team interactions. This is very helpful, especially for those who do not live in the same place or are geographically separated.

With the many digital tools available, we can easily reach and communicate with one another. Whenever you want. Wherever you want.

3) Digital collaboration allows anyone to save and share

Collaboration is contributing by sharing the best in us. Skills, knowledge, perspectives, information or ideas can be shared with those involved in the collaboration.

But not only that. By collaborating digitally, everyone can contribute by sharing files and digital assets too. Other people can also save the file and make it accessible to all participants.

Join a Digital Collaboration Now!

There is no expiration date to learn and stay relevant. With all that we have, all that is around us, and ourselves, remember that we will never stop growing, otherwise we will miss a lot that happened.

We have at least one electronic device; be it a smartphone, laptop, tablet or computer. Therefore, how about we maximize it to connect with other people and achieve the same goals?