Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Move Email to the Cloud

By Ranggi R.

Published on July 30, 2023

Why Sharing Files by Email is Popular?

Currently, the internet is the main source of information, also the fastest way in sharing files.

Everyone tends to share their files through Email rather than using hard drives, such as USB, harddisk, or disk. 

In the 2000s, email usage has skyrocketed. According to Statista, email users will reach 4.258 billion in 2022.

That is, Email has become a very popular online file transfer tool all over the world.

There are three main reasons why people are choosing an online file transfer:

1) Internet Friendly

As long as people are connected to the internet, everyone can send their files to anyone. 

This eliminates hard drive usage. Recipients can download the attached file directly to their device (PC, notebook or smartphone).

2) Security

Sharing files via Email can prevent you from viruses. With virus scanning and encryption features, your files can be protected during transmission.

In addition, Email allows the sender to control access by adding a password.

3) Version Control

Sharing files with hard drives somehow creates confusion in versioning. However, Email allows senders to update or revise attachments before sending them.

In results, recipients will receive the most up-to-date version of the files.

Disadvantages of Email

On the contrary, Email also has drawbacks, such as bad at managing junk or spam, lack of real time communication, and so on. Here are 3 disadvantages of using Email as file transfer tool:

1) Lack of Real Time Communication

Sending files through Email needed a waiting time. In decision making, delay time is particularly disadvantageous to personals or companies. 

2) Spam and Junk

For some people, managing email can be time consuming and frustrating. Especially if there are unwanted e-mails or promotions that make e-mail users uncomfortable.

3) Data Storage

Email sizes can get overwhelming. Especially for some unused files, the user must do sorting, filtering and deleting.

Hence, now some may agree to find an alternative to file sharing. From the disadvantages above, people are still wondering one thing:

“is an Email is the safest way to share files?”

Digital World and Cybercrimes

With all those advantages and disadvantages, there is one thing that already happened and become a very crucial issue. It is cybercrimes. 

The number of cyber crimes being committed has skyrocketed. They intentionally damage computers or steal data for profit.

Even worse, cybercrimes come in various forms, such as internet fraud, data theft, ransomware, and others. Of course everyone is threatened by these types of cybercrimes because it is astonishingly becoming more prevalent.

Cybercrime Case in Email

An Email cybercrime happened in 2019, when a nigerian man named Oluwaseun Adekoya was arrested in the United States for his involvement in a BEC (Business Email Compromise) scheme. 

BEC is a cyber criminal where attackers target businesses and individuals through emails to defraud them of money or sensitive information. 

Scammers manipulate victims using fake email addresses, company logos, and familiar language. As a result, victims are led to make transactions via bank accounts.

Coming back to the story, Adekoya and his cyber crime team succeeded in defrauding the company and causing financial loss.

Based on Adekoya and BEC crime, using Email is more dangerous than hard drives. Hence, what should we do to maximize online share file security?

Sharing File in A Secure Way

Cybercrimes become a threat. Therefore, in order to cope with it, several things have been modified, adapting to the digital world.

One of them is how we share our digital things with others. Shared data, confidential information, or confidential information can be a riskier digital activity because the threat of theft is widespread.

Therefore, security is adjusted. Now, file sharing allows us to transfer data between individuals or entities more securely, providing assurance in terms of protected confidentiality and collaboration.

We call it “secure file sharing”.

Benefits of Secure File Sharing

Below are list of what you can get in secure file sharing:

  • Protection of Confidential Data

Information or files can be confidential and need to be shared online sometimes.

You cannot share business contracts or legal documents without proper safeguards. Otherwise, they may be stolen by cyber criminals who have been after them for a long time.

That is why secure file sharing protects confidential data with features like encryption and two-factor authentication (2FA) for your account.

  • Data and Account Privacy

Not only data, file secure sharing also protects the data owners. This is necessary for those who need to share their personal information with persons or organizations that require it.

Cybercriminals also target a person, because the targeted person can be exploited through their data, which allows them to blackmail or carry out digital terror.

So, that is why a protected account can save data.

  • Secure Collaboration

With secure file sharing, you can work together with others through shared data without feeling threatened, which makes collaboration more fun.

Collaboration is very important because not everyone can do all the work alone. Secure file sharing supports secure collaboration by protecting data as well as people.

Working with others is necessary and secure file sharing fulfills the needs.

Always Share Securely

After reading all the benefits of secure file sharing, choose cloud storage which also allows everyone to collaborate with extra layers of protection, such as 2FA and encryption.

Also, equip yourself with collaboration features that help you on a daily basis like chat and comment for easier interactions.

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