Private Cloud Storage Helps Small Businesses to Secure Their Data

By Ranggi R.

Published on March 23rd, 2023

These days, businesses increasingly need access to their data on the go, with no additional costs for storage maintenance and no hardware maintenance costs. The question is, is there any private cloud storage that can accommodate small business requirements? 

Before going further, you need to understand why private cloud storage is necessary to implement in the business.

Why Do Small Businesses Need Private Cloud Storage?

Some business owners have been using cloud storage to support their businesses. Whether for storing data or working on the internet since everybody knows that most cloud storage offers flexibility value. But do you know small businesses are catchy targets for cybercriminals?

Based on research, 43% of cyber attacks target small businesses because of their lack of cybersecurity knowledge. The consequences of these cyber attacks are losing consumers and trust. Moreover, few of them close their stores. 

These incidents could happen because 47% of small businesses with fewer than 50 employees do not have a dedicated cybersecurity budget. And companies with more than 250 employees have it. In conclusion, small businesses need a more secure cloud storage platform that offers maximum protection at an affordable price.

Jaybod Helps Small Businesses to Meet Their Needs

After reading why private cloud storage is more secure than public cloud storage. Small business owners are starting to search for a solution to protect their businesses. So, let’s start with Jaybod. 

  • Backup Solution

Private cloud storage does not share resources with others. That has already answered why private cloud storage is more secure than local storage. Besides, cloud storage itself has been chosen for data backup because of its security and flexibility.

Jaybod is a perfect choice for backing up any file. Providing easy access to your files, it enables you to store your files online, manage assets quickly and keep all of your files in one location for easy access.

  • Maximum Protection 

Private cloud storage adds security layers by its isolated environment and various security features in order to protect every data stored in it. The limited access in the private cloud provides more security services

Therefore, equip yourself with easy-to-use encryption. By adding an encryption password, your data will be unreadable, making it inaccessible  to other people.

  • Enable Collaboration

One of the benefits of private cloud storage is its features. A private cloud allows you to work together with others. Therefore, anyone can create a shared space for a group of people to manage data. Collaboration t helps small businesses compete with larger companies. 

Workgroup, a collaboration feature by Jaybod, allows you to join with others by creating a team and inviting people to be participants. Then, manage data together easily for collective goals. 

  • Sharing Files

Dedicated to a single customer does not mean private cloud storage is a rigid one. It can be used for file sharing as well. That means data in private cloud storage is accessible while also being protected.

Same goes with Jaybod. You can share your files freely with other people by access permissions (Viewer or Editor). It is a win-win solution for both data owner and recipient. You can always keep an eye on yours.

  • Affordable Costs

There are many cloud storage providers offering various prices and plans. However, most of them only serve users with storage capacity. They do not equip users with complete features.

Compared to competitors, Jaybod is above them. With Jaybod, you can cut costs with useful Jaybod features. Also, Jaybod offers many choices of subscription plans just to suit your needs. Just choose the one that suits you best.

In the end, data protection is everyone’s need. Whether small businesses or enterprises, data governance is mandatory to be implemented in every business type. 

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