Top 5 Secure Software Collaborations to Ensure Data Security

By Ranggi R.

Published on June 22, 2023

Data security is essential for safeguarding data both in companies and individuals. 

Besides protecting sensitive information, data security must be applied as a country’s legal requirement. This is not only for legal purposes but also helps companies build trust with consumers and partners. 

Cybercrime cases increase around the world, especially in South East Asia. Take a look at Malaysia. Over 20,000 cybercrimes were reported in 2021 and 64% of attacks resulted in data encryption.

Data security is the first thing to pay attention to when using digital software. Therefore we need a data security tool that can be implemented in digital software.

The Importance of Secure Collaboration Software

These days, software collaboration is more important than ever. Because it provides many benefits, software collaboration is undoubtedly effective in solving work problems experienced by both individuals and businesses.

Hence, using software collaboration tools is necessary. Collaboration is supposed to be easy and efficient, which is why software collaboration is considered as the best form of collaboration.

This is the moment when collaboration tools become a vital aspect in terms of the professional world. However, not everyone who has become a user has the same experience with these tools.

How To Utilize Collaboration Software

With collaboration software, you can work together in real time, anytime and anywhere. This is necessary because it will support work to be more flexible, which saves more time.

Then, collaboration tools can obviously reduce costs. Without overspending, and with low maintenance costs, using collaboration tools is the best decision for every organization

With its ability for collective work, collaboration tools enable everyone to improve teamwork, since it combines various skills and different expertise together. It is effective to achieve efficiency in a fast-paced working workplace.

Top 5 Secure Software Collaborations of 2023

The best security collaboration tools are needed in the workplace. If you have absolutely no idea which one to choose, we’ve listed a recommended list of collaboration tools below:

1) Jaybod

Designed to provide you with digital solutions, Jaybod is a one-stop-solution platform for data security, data management and collaboration.

With a collaboration feature named Workgroup, Jaybod allows you to collaborate with others. Just create a team and invite your friends to become participants.

What’s more, when you are all involved in one team, you can collectively share and manage digital assets in a very easy way with guaranteed data security and privacy.

Besides collaboration, you can store your data online anywhere and anytime for better data security and privacy. With any device, you are allowed to upload or create a file with various types of files.

All those features are equipped with maximum protection. All digital assets can be encrypted in a simple step of data security. Generate a password for encryption and your digital asset is automatically safe from threats.

Decrypt easily too by entering the encryption password, and your digital assets are accessible to everyone again. Data security privacy allows you to have full control over your data.

Even if human error occurs such as accidental deletion, you can get it back by returning it within 30 days. So if you accidentally delete a file, you still have a chance to get it back before it’s permanently deleted.

2) Asana

Those who have been making software collaborations for a long time must be familiar with Asana. Designed as a web-based task management and collaboration tool, Asana helps you track tasks and collaborate with others.

Asana allows you to create to-do lists, set reminders, and comments. For easier data management, Asana can be used to exchange files and get rid of the file clutter . This is very important to keep you on track and interact with others to complete tasks.

With deadlines and many tasks facing you, Asana is undeniably the best decision you can have, as it allows you to complete tasks more effectively by organizing, planning and executing.


3) Slack

With millions of users worldwide, Slack is the first collaboration software that comes to mind. Slack allows users to send direct messages (DMs) and files to a single person or group.

To make communication easier, Slack also enables you to make a video call. So, if you have things you want to talk about but find it hard to explain by typing, you can freely discuss them all face-to-face with your colleagues.

Slack also lets you upload and share files with them, plus the ability to create custom emojis for fun interactions.

With other features to support collaboration, you can get Slack on mobile and desktop devices and control the setting.

4) Trello

Designed as a visual collaboration platform, Trello gives you the power to organize, collaborate, communicate, and coordinate tasks.

You can use Trello for a variety of work, personal, and other uses. Employees, students, or housewives can rely on Trello to arrange meetings, research projects, or plan vacation.

The best way to use Trello is for collective purposes, as it keeps track of everyone with visually appealing boards that multiple members can view, edit, and manage.

Trello could be the best software collaboration option for you and your teammates.

5) Google Workspace

Offering a set of communication and productivity tool, Google invents Google Workspace for you to use in workflow.

Google Workspace enables you to deliver effective communication for better collaboration. Besides that, it allows you to bring others to create or invite to a team.

With the benefits of this software collaboration, Google Workspace can be used by various types of entities, such as startups, businesses, companies, individuals, non-profit organizations, or others.