Let Jaybod Help You Stay Relevant

By Ranggi R.

Published on Februari 03, 2022

Hello again, have you read Jaybod’s latest article? Yes, you have to keep yourself relevant as the world keeps changing.

Billion IT Apps

Since work-from-anywhere and empathetic workplace have become popular, everyone dives into digital collaboration automatically. Most employees from various industries work, conduct meetings, and complete tasks with digital collaboration, hence working together in a digital way is essential now.

Therefore, IT developers or startup companies create various applications, such as productivity and collaboration tools, cloud storage, etc., which helps everyone’s tasks become easier and more enjoyable.

According to Statista, there were 3.55 billion Android apps and 1.64 billion Apple apps available for download in 2022, ranging from productivity to utility apps. The question is, would you try all the applications at once? The answer is definitely, no. 

Instead of spending too much time looking for the best apps, Jaybod is here to meet all your digital collaboration needs.

Jaybod Provides Different Experiences

To support you achieve digital collaboration, Jaybod offers #DifferentExperience for you and your colleagues. Collaborating while saving files in the same place will be a shortcut way to accomplish tasks faster.  

Jaybod is designed to be a cloud storage platform with collaborative features. Enabling you to manage and share files while working on a live project with your team, you have the option to work individually or together based on your needs.

Workgroup Feature

Gathering co-workers to work together will certainly be a hassle, even though the work will get done faster. Relax, with the Workgroup feature you can easily create groups and invite colleagues to immediately collaborate in the same group.

As a complement to collaboration, the Workgroup feature helps you achieve effective communication with Chat Rooms. Sharing ideas by chatting with your colleagues will create a great teamwork environment.

With this feature you no longer need to switch platforms or devices. Let’s build the best teamwork environment from now on, with only one platform!

Workgroup Side Effect

Being a pioneer of your colleagues, your collaborative culture will change drastically when implementing Jaybod Working Groups. You will leave the old culture behind: save files on a local PC or work separately. Additionally, it will work more effectively and cut costs even more.

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together”.

Submerge yourself in digital collaboration with Jaybod, and solve work challenges together. 

Jaybod creates #DifferentExperience.