Is Cloud Storage More Expensive than Physical Storage?

By Ranggi R.

Published on April 7th, 2023

Today, cloud storage is no longer a second choice. More people are using cloud storage for their primary storage.

Instead of building physical servers or storing data on local storage, everyone puts all their files and documents in the cloud.

With this situation, local storage starts to lose its users. But why?

There is a Price to Pay

An analysis conducted by SherWeb compares the average monthly cost of cloud storage and the local one. Cloud storage costs $313.90, whereas you should pay on local storage as much as $1,476.31.

Are the prices between them close enough? Of course not. There are significant figures indicated by each type of storage. We can actually see the difference here.

So, how can it be?

Not a Perfect One

Local storage is expensive, especially compared to the cloud. Creating local storage costs a lot of money, as well as maintaining it. However, it is not worth it at all.

It is undeniable that you cannot do everything with local storage. In terms of data security, local storage is obviously too risky for that. As the data is stored in local storage, we need to be prepared in case the server goes down. Once dead, our data will also be lost

So, it is not the perfect one for data backup.

On the other hand, we need to build a physical server to create local storage. Hence, at least we need a dedicated space only for the physical server itself. And that costs a lot of money too, besides server costs.

There is a Way to Cut Costs

There are digital things involved every day. The need for secure placement of data has skyrocketed. Even better if the location where the data is stored can be accessed anytime and anywhere for better data management.

It’s not just individuals who need it. Companies are looking for the same. Especially when it comes to business, they also have to spend less, regardless of data storage efficiency. Therefore, many companies are starting to migrate their data to cloud storage.

Cloud storage is one of a kind. If we talk about costs, cloud storage can be armed to save more money. Whatever the business, companies are no longer as wasteful as they used to be. Using cloud storage allows entities to rid themselves of the costs of replacing or maintaining data storage hardware and software.