How to Improve Your Business and Take Advantage of Digital Transformation

By Ranggi R.

Published on July 20, 2023

What is Digital Transformation?

Fast-paced life affects the business.

Technology is involved in our life. Without realizing it, almost every single thing that is scattered around us has relied on digital technology and its various inventions.

In other words, the world has changed a lot in a digital way, making it a place where everything runs quickly.

This also happens in the world of business. Enabling efficient processes in workplaces and improving workflow performances, technology undeniably plays a vital role in it.

Therefore, it is not surprising that more and more organizations are adopting digital technology into their business as part of business growth.

This is known as digital transformation.

Data is The Key to Digital Transformation

There are several reasons why data plays an important role in digital transformation:

  1. Decision making: Data is a valuable insight to the business. By analyzing data, business owners can understand market trends and customer expectations. Also, data-driven decisions that lead to improvement. 
  2. Targeted marketing: By analyzing data, organizations can target their audience more effectively. The right marketing and advertising strategies enable businesses to reach the right customers. 
  3. Innovation and product development: Key data such as customer feedback and trends can identify needs and develop new solutions. Additionally, data enables businesses to create products and services that resonate with customers.

For Better Digital Transformation

Now, digital transformation is more important than we thought.

Furthermore, digital transformation has come to every industry. Even industries that seemingly have nothing to do with technology such as agriculture, insurance, health care, and others now consider digital adoption.

This phenomenon appears without no reason. Digital transformation provides a variety of significant benefits for businesses.

An organization can be run with less costs, while also improving business operational efficiency, facilitating mobility, and providing more value to customers.

On the other hand, few organizations know that digital transformation is not just about welcoming every new technological invention and implementing it all. Digital transformation also optimizes processes for business agility.

So, data migration also count.

Data Migration as Part of Digital Transformation

This is the moment data migration appears.

Moving data from one system to another, the process of data migration also consists of selecting, preparing, extracting and transforming data.

As a critical component, data migration enables organizations to take advantage of each new technology they adopt and deploy better protection in new locations without compromising the presence and value of existing data.

Also, data quality is improved with data migration, since it enables cleaning and standardizing every digital data. Therefore, the quality of data is increased, giving a positive impact to organizations for their operations.

That is why data migration is important in digital transformation, as well as cloud storage.

The Importance of Cloud Storage

For every organization in every industry, digital transformation is about finding the right technology.

To implement data migration, organizations must equip themselves with the perfect locations to store their digital data. Otherwise, data migration will be done in vain.

“Data migration is highly recommended, as is migrating to cloud storage.”

With cloud storage, every confidential data and secret business information can be stored with high security and also accessible, which allows companies to reach what they store instantly.

From a business perspective, cloud storage is a service organizations can count on since it is possible without the need to purchase and maintain physical servers or the facilities to host them.

Cloud Storage for Better Data Migration

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