5 Strategies for Growing Your Business Through Digital Transformation

By Ranggi R.

Published on August 03, 2023

We can see that in the business world, sooner or later, digital transformation is inevitable.

Of course, some businesses are hesitant to enter the battle. Despite the fact that they are in smaller numbers, these organizations will change the way they run the business. Otherwise, it will be hard for them to stand out from their competitors.

Even worse, they do not survive.

Learning from the reasons why some firms fail, others learn from their mistakes so they don’t fail too.

Digital Transformation Benefits Business

In fact, digital transformation is helping every area of the business, significantly increasing sales, communicating with customers and running a business more efficiently.

Here are three examples of digital transformation improving many lines of business:

1) Marketing Team

Prior to digital transformation, businesses used door-to-door methods to reach customers.

But now, digitalization enables anyone to use search engine optimization (SEO), social media, or pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. As a result, companies can target specific  audiences. 

2) Production Team

In the past, production was heavily reliant on human resources and took a long time. 

In Industry 4.0, digitalization reduces manual errors and speeds up the production process. These advantages enable businesses to reach their goals with fewer resources. 

3) Overall Team

Using digital tools in business such as instant messaging, cloud-based collaboration platforms, or online storage facilitates seamless communication among teams. In other words, it increases productivity. 

Now, it seems like digital transformation is something businesses need. However, implementing digital transformation is harder than everyone thinks.

No need to worry. While some organizations have failed to implement them, there are more organizations that have succeeded in creating them.

We are sure that your organization is one of them.

Enhance Digital Transformation

If your organization has a strong will to implement a digital transformation, here’s how:

1) Create the Digital Transformation Roadmap

To implement digital transformation, you need a guideline. Create one and follow it. 

Also, include things like priorities, digital transformation plans, training programs for your employees, and many more. No need to rush when fulfilling it, as long as you are able to calculate them all accurately.


2) Plan Out the Budget

It is undeniable that the implementation of digital transformation requires a lot of money.

Strengthen the finances of the organization first before considering scaling up digital transformation. No exact budget amount for this, so you have to know the needs of your organization in order to determine it.

3) Invest More in Technologies

Organizations should put more money into technologies, in this case, cloud computing. 

The cloud is the foundation of digital business, as 42% of core IT spending is for the cloud, according to IDC. Consider the cloud for your organization by using Jaybod as the beginning of everything.

4) Leverage Data

Implementing digital information means you have to rely more on data and other analytics. 

Therefore, start by creating a data strategy. To create a strong data strategy, collect data that shows your grades and progress. To collect everything, start installing an online analytics system.

5) Pay More Attention to Customer Experience

While you are in the process of transforming your organization digitally, it is crucial to be aware of how your customers engage with your business. 

In the end, customers must be prioritized business-wise. According to Forbes, 84% of companies that improve their customer experience increase their revenue.


Scaling up digital transformation is necessary and it is possible to start it. 

You start increasing business with Jaybod and have #DifferentExperiences with it.