Affordable Public Cloud Storage with Encryption

By Ranggi R.

Published on March 17th, 2023

After knowing that public storage is the cheapest cloud storage, you may be wondering which brand offers you the best price with lots of benefits. 

People usually use cloud storage as data backup. Cloud backup has become a popular thing. This is a method that really works for data owners who want more protection. When people have trouble with their data, they can just go to cloud storage to get theirs again.  

Today, cloud storage is no longer a secondary option anymore. More people use cloud storage as their primary storage. Rather than building a physical server or storing data in local storage, everyone puts all their files and documents in the cloud. Hence, people need flexible public cloud storage with a high-security system. 

Jaybod, A Public Cloud Storage with Encryption Benefits

Talking about the security system. People may doubt the security of public cloud storage. Since everyone knows that public cloud storage has a server located in multiple places. And the user was unable to select where their data will be stored. However, Jaybod offers you public cloud storage with the ability to protect your data with encryption. 

Basically, encryption is the process of converting data into an unreadable format and is inaccessible to anyone who does not have a password. Once the data is encrypted, you have succeeded in preventing someone from stealing your data.

Jaybod prevents something bad.

Jaybod Keeps Money in The Wallet

There are various cloud storage services you can choose to fulfill your needs, as well as subscription plans. No matter which cloud storage you choose, you will give your data and yourself convenience. 

Your wallet also counts.

Jaybod offers 5GB of free storage with affordable upgraded plans. And as we know, Jaybod helps you when it comes to storing files online and managing data. Therefore, Jaybod has 3 subscription plan options for you to facilitate your needs. All these plans offer you a helpful solution.

Let’s start with Professional. You can get 100GB of storage, with a maximum upload file size of 10GB. You can create ten Workgroups, with twenty participants capacity for each Workgroup.

You can get more than the Professional maximum limit. Subscribe to the Business plan, and your storage will increase to 500GB, with a maximum upload file size of 50GB. Also, you are allowed to create twenty Workgroups, with thirty participants who can join.

And last but not least, Premium. If you want to start using Jaybod with the highest limit of features and Workgroup capacities, then it is a perfect option for you. Starting with 1TB of storage with unlimited upload file size, you can create thirty Workgroups with forty participants that you can add to each Workgroup as well.

All these plans, even if you only go with Basic, which is free, you will have secure file sharing, office document editor, anytime-and-anywhere access, file recovery, admin role, and real-time collaboration.

You deserve this.

Store Data Safely With Jaybod

All cloud storage services, Jaybod has maximum cloud storage benefits. Besides managing data and sharing files online, it also allows you to secure the data with an encryption system.

A cloud-based digital asset management with collaboration tools, Jaybod is worth the try.