Top 4 Features of Secure Collaboration Software

By Ranggi R.

Published on June 15, 2023

Since the pandemic, the use of collaboration software has skyrocketed. 

Remote work offers flexibility and increases productivity. Hence, everyone transforms their collaboration habits into digital.

In addition to collaboration platforms providing benefits to everyone, they can lead to data theft in organizational data.

Moreover, cyber criminals will misuse credential information and endanger the organization’s reputation and finances. 

Before deciding what collaboration software you may use, this article will present what features you should consider to be on your tools. 

Then, you can perform collaboration perfectly.

Why is Security Important in Collaboration Tools?

Of course, safety is the foremost issue when it comes to the internet. To keep their data safe, both large and small teams require cyber security.

The attackers have targeted large corporations such as Yahoo, eBay, Google, and Apple. As a result, customers and businesses become distrustful of one another. 

If the same thing happens to a smaller company, it may suffer significant damage or even go bankrupt.

Cybersecurity Do Your Magic!

Thanks to the cybersecurity system to make the collaboration platform more secure.

Through cloud storage, a cybersecurity system can be implemented on a platform where you can work together with others.

Cloud storage uses remote servers across When data is stored in cloud storage, the data will be sent to servers, which are virtual machines hosted on a physical server. So, basically, the data is sent to an off-site location.

Even if the worst case is data loss, your data is still safe in other data centers.

It provides a collaboration platform of proper authentication and authorization to prevent cybercrimes, such as phishing, data leaks, ransomware attacks, and more.

It will be beneficial to keep involved data in a collaboration in the long term.

Things to Look For

Never compromise security in terms of digital activities, including online collaboration. Whether individuals or entities, all need to use the most secure collaboration platform.

Secure collaboration platforms have authentication added an extra layer to minimize the possibility of data leakage or loss. Information will continue to be shared with others once a group of people decide to start a collaboration. Hence, data and collaboration security are crucial.

4 Major Features of Secure Collaboration

There are several security methods that you will need, and with these features available in a platform, you will know the online collaboration platform you choose is secure.

1) End-to-end encryption

Give your data its own security and make it unreadable to strangers by encryption. Read more how the importance of encryption.

2) Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

Remember to always protect your account as well, because a saved account means saved data. Equip yourself with 2FA, which verifies an identity after signing in before successfully logging into an account

3) Permission to access data

For each data owner, you can share your data with everyone without worrying about setting permissions for each recipient. Choose the role of the recipient (Reader or Editor) and your data will always be under your control.

4) Protection against cyber crimes

Every team is vulnerable to cyber crime. Using a secure collaboration platform can provide the best protection against phishing, data theft, ransomware, and other attempts by cybercriminals.

Create Online Collaboration Safely

The best online collaboration is the effective and secure one.

Besides allowing you to create collaboration in real time, a good online collaboration means you do not need to worry about the risk of safety by the time you create it.

So, choose the right one, for you and others.