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Does Online Collaboration Beneficial to Organizations?

By Ranggi R.

Published on February 16, 2023

Digitalization is no longer the future, it is happening today. No one can ignore the presence of technology because it is consumed daily, especially by organizations.

Why Organization?

Running an organization is challenging. To survive in the digital era and compete with others, organizations must adopt online strategies flexibly.

Salesforce research shows that around 72% of small business owners feel optimistic about the future. In 2020, they grew their online business presence, and 71% said they survived the world pandemic because they invested in digital transformation. 

The value of online collaboration is undeniable. Employees, managers, and even directors can get advantages, whether in the workplace or at home when working remotely. Collaboration impacts productivity. 

Moreover, the value of collaboration impacts business success. By increasing financial returns, organizations that have not yet implemented collaboration begin recognizing its value.

The Reason

There are many types of organizations out there, and there is at least one thing they have in common: all organizations save costs.

An organization, whether profit-oriented or nonprofit, thinks a lot about its finances.

Profit-oriented organizations most likely spend their budgets on many things, such as production, marketing, promotion, or publication. Therefore, they try to find ways to generate a large amount of revenue. Otherwise, it will be such a waste of money.

While profit-oriented organizations think about how they are going to make money, nonprofits think about how they are going to be sustainable. And both think about how to achieve efficiency.

This is undertaken for one purpose: to survive.

The Benefits of Collaboration

When we talk about the benefits of collaboration, we can do this all day long. Collaboration has many advantages, including collaboration between organizations. Following are the benefits of collaboration between organizations:

This is way better than storing it in a personal hard drive. Rather than storing in local storage where we have to be there just to manage data due to limited accessibility, we can instantly share, edit or delete our data. Especially when remote working becomes more popular, there is no other reason for not using cloud storage for data security and backup.

There are many cloud storage services that provide users with many features also with protection and security. Choose a cloud storage service that guarantees privacy with zero knowledge.

  • Synergy

Everyone can achieve more once they work together. Synergy can be implemented on a daily basis, giving us greater achievements as a result. Besides, why work individually, when we can work in a more collective way?

  • Sharing

There will always be things that we can share. By collaborating with another organization, we can contribute by sharing our digital assets and expertises in a certain field, and we can also receive theirs as well. This is an effective way to help each organization reach the goal. 

  • Assistance

Obstacles will always be there. They can appear at any time, even in an emergency. Fortunately, we are not alone, and there will always be help from other organizations.

  • Awareness

Every company has messages to spread. With messages, companies create awareness. By collaborating, companies can get involved in bigger communities, making them parts of many people. Once companies become community participants, their messages can be heard more.

  • Access

Collaboration will give us easy access, because by working together, you build a better network.

What Organizations Can Implement At Work

When it comes to scaling up, most improvement-related solutions rely on digital technology. Here are 3 tips for you to optimize your work environment.

cloud implementation

1) Move your files to the cloud

The docs seem to be out of date. Employees need to process files immediately without any time delay. With cloud storage, everyone can access everything in one second. Documents, videos, photos or other digital assets are things that can be backed up by cloud storage for you to access on any device, anywhere, anytime. In addition, relying on cloud storage to store digital assets has become popular nowadays.

2) Collaboration with coworkers remotely

Everyone can make collaboration, regardless of whether we work at the office or remotely. By collaborating with virtual platforms, communication can be more effective. Other benefits of remote collaboration are that organizations can save on operational costs by utilizing online collaboration technology and employees can access data instantly and continuously updated.

3) No more traditional ways

In the Digital era where everything is fast, it will not be effective if we still rely on traditional methods, especially in terms of generating income. Online transactions are faster than offline. The quicker you deal with customers, the quicker you earn money.

Be Powerful Together

Partnerships, coalitions, networks. Fill in the blanks. Leveraging other entities to be on our side undeniably gives the company more benefits than expected.

For a bright future, collaboration is the way to success, which also brings you #DifferentExperiences. Viewpoints, knowledge, insights, and other resources can serve the common good.

Let’s connect ourselves to others.