How To Overcome the Digital Overwhelm?

By Ranggi R.

Published on January 13th, 2023

Each era has its own challenges, as well as the current era – the Digital Era Age. Living and working in the digital age where you are constantly online and connected can be overwhelming.

Feeling overwhelmed basically means your emotions are taking over your mind and body. No wonder the temptation to procrastinate is common. But the challenge is, how to adjust to this situation?

Why We Feel Overwhelm?

Have you ever imagined that when you start working, you will receive dozens of emails and notifications? In addition, the demands of tasks that you must complete at the same time. That’s not enough, there are still several meetings that you must attend on the same day. This activity makes every employee feel tired, which leads to being overwhelmed.

This proves that the speed of the digital world is very fast. With the flood of information, it is enough to overwhelm us, because we have to follow more and be relevant. With this situation, the digital world finally affects us in the real world, impacting our productivity.

The Solution

Therefore, we need to find a solution for it. Fortunately, there is one solution of many you can find to deal with feelings of being overwhelmed. That’s flexibility that can be implemented. So, what kind of flexibility is expected to support work productivity?

Being Flexible is Everyone’s Needs Today!

Flexible working is often used to describe work arrangements other than the traditional nine-to-five.

Not only that, flexible work also proves that working in the digital era can be done anywhere without having to be physically in the office.

Workplace flexibility is a trend in 2022. Studies by LinkedIn and GoWork show that 76% of companies are more likely to pay employees to work from home or co-working spaces. This proves that flexibility is a concern for every company.

However, the thing that needs to be considered from work flexibility is the ease of access for employees. But, not only employees, companies also provide self-flexibility for the better. The company has provided its employees with tools that support them to increase productivity and work flexibly. Hence, cloud storage is getting more and more recognized.

With the rapid growth of data, many companies are starting to find a location for all data and digital assets, where all employees can also access it. Cloud storage is the right choice to meet flexible work needs.

Jaybod for Better Flexibility

Jaybod is a cloud storage provider that allows everyone to access data with any device. Whether you are in and out of the workplace, or even away from your computer, you can edit, share, delete or upload data with your mobile phone, laptop, tablet, and other electronic devices. With mobile access comes flexibility. 

Moreover, Jaybod’s workgroup feature allows you to communicate and collaborate with your colleagues. You can stay in touch with your co-workers from wherever you are to achieve your goals.

Migrating your data to flexible cloud storage is important. So, why don’t you start with Jaybod?