Small Team Collaboration Software – Pros and Cons

By Agastya W.

Published on June 01, 2023

Related to the previous article about business collaboration software that is needed  in 4.0 business environments. Now, the question is, does a small team also need collaboration software?

As people know, running a small business with a small team can present challenges including limited resources, minimum budget, and operational costs. 

The revenue stream, on the other hand, is probably inconsistent. 

Therefore, how do they (small business owners) think about using team collaboration software in the company?

The answer is probably  50:50, here are the pros and cons of implementing collaboration tools in a small team.

Pros and Cons of Collaboration Tools in Small Teams

Implementing team collaboration software in a small business may face several pros and cons. Here is an overview to be considered.


1) Easy Access 

As long as there is an internet network, everything can be accessed easily.

Connecting to the internet allows workers to access websites, platforms, and information. So does the team collaboration software – All in one single platform.

2) Remote Work

Remote working is not only beneficial for teams or large businesses but also for small businesses. To increase operational productivity and efficiency, small teams enforce remote work on their employees.

In addition to efficiency, small businesses can also manage their employees’ tasks immediately.

3) Improved Communication

Team collaboration software offers real-time messaging, video conferencing, and file sharing. With these features, small teams can collaborate quicker than before. 

4) Integration 

Most collaboration software providers provide an integrated service, including reminders, calendars, project management software, and more. 

At some point, teams will be alerted and complete the task on time. 

5) Hardware Replacement

Working online reduces the high-spec of hardware. Back to the first point, team collaboration software can be accessed through the internet with any device. 

Hardware replacement is one of the biggest cost-cutting.


1) Learning Time

Implementing new team collaboration software may take time to learn and try. Especially for elderly employees. 

This situation can hinder business activities and reduce productivity. Moreover, it can lead to apathy in its use. 

From the perspective of a small team or small business, it’s just a waste of their time.

2) Cost and Maintenance

Team collaboration software generally involves subscription, service, licensing, and maintenance fees. To some small businesses, this might be over-cost. 

Also, several payment gateway providers offer a limited payment method: Visa, American Express, and PayPal, which not everyone has access to it. 

3) Security and Privacy

Some small businesses may choose a cloud storage provider without examining its security aspects. 

Cyber crime cases including data theft, data leakage, ransomware, or user error may occur. Hence, the company’s data be vulnerable to being stored. 

4) Resistance to Adoption

Embracing new technologies is not easy. Workers that getting used to a particular tool, somehow refuse to switch to another one. 

As a result, when employees refuse to conform to the new teamwork culture, it becomes a hindrance to the rest of the team.

5) Technical Issue

Anything related to technology can result in unstable connectivity or hardware malfunction. These technical issues can get in the way of work and affect productivity.

Moreover, technical issues must be fixed by the paid experts.

After understanding the pros and cons of using team collaboration software, it is important to carefully evaluate and research the specific needs of the small team. 

Otherwise, business owners will be disadvantaged, and team members gets interrupted. 

To prevent all of it, team members need to know an easy collaboration tool, Jaybod.

Start Team Collaboration with Jaybod

Jaybod is a software that has a team collaboration feature. This will improve communication and collaboration and is perfect for small teams or small businesses.

Offering a workgroup feature that allows team members to share files, live messaging, and store documents on the same page. 

It is quite simple to imagine what should a small team do and learn.