For Public Interests, Cloud Storage Fulfills

By Ranggi R.

Published on March 31st, 2023

Like many entities, public bodies also own digital assets. What makes a public body’s digital assets different is that the organization does not only own its digital assets.

It also owns digital assets that belong to everyone.

Government Entities to Run a Country

Public sector is one of the sectors which needs digital asset protection the most. This kind of sector includes several things. It is composed of public service and state-owned enterprises (SOEs). 

A state-owned enterprise (SEO) is an entity that is established by the government in order to provide products and earn profit from them. In other words, the government has the majority ownership over state-owned enterprises scattered around the entire nation.

Public sector is one of the sectors which need digital asset protection the most, if not the most needed sector for it. This kind of sector includes several things. It is composed of public services and state-owned enterprises (SOEs).

In addition, public transportation, public education, and health care are some of the public services which can be found in everyday’s life. Other services are intended to undertake tasks with a high level of urgency, such as firefighting , military, and police.

Sudden Change Everyone Had to Face

Since COVID-19 hit the entire world, many things have changed. Working From Home (WFH) has become the most popular work method and more online meetings are attended by employees.

In other words, everyone is more dependent on technology.

The pandemic was the turning point of digitalization. When people could not go outside and were still forced to do activities, technology became a mass weapon, and everyone started to pay attention to digital transformation.

It turns out to be more important for business implementation. Just like other sectors, the public sector also has a concern about digital transformation, since it has become a common goal.

The digital transformation that is undertaken by the public sector means to be rapid, in order to improve engagements and cut costs.

A Blessing in Disguise for the Cloud

On the other hand, cloud computing gets more recognition. Everyone is able to improve their agility, mobility, and flexibility with it. Anytime and anywhere, people can be involved in this environment with any device.

That is why more data begins to be placed in the cloud computing environment, making it the best location to store it.

That is when innovative approaches are considered as primary needs by the public sector. In terms of data protection, the innovative way for securing it is by using cloud storage.

Just like firefighter, military, and police, there must be a guardian for digital assets and data, because it also has a high level of urgency. Thus, cloud storage is that guardian.

It proves that even the public sector moves all data and digital assets to cloud storage.

When the government runs an entity and decides to rely on something, that means that thing has guaranteed its users, in this case, cloud computing environment.

To feel #DifferentExperiences, Jaybod is a perfect choice for governments.

Jaybod Saves the Public

Jaybod is always available for you. For data safety, Jaybod provides maximum protection to keep it private. Jaybod allows you to give your data encryption in a very easy way.

Just create a password to encrypt, and your data is protected. An encryption password can be used for decryption as well.

When a digital asset is deleted accidentally, you can still get it back. With Jaybod, a deleted digital asset is kept within 30 days before it is permanently deleted. Data recovery is a solution for accidental deletion.

Digital assets can be uploaded or created. You can choose the format type of data you want to create (Document, Spreadsheet, PowerPoint, and Text) and have the freedom to download, share, move, rename, or delete data.

The cloud can be weaponized against data breaches by a country. Can you imagine that?