Data Privacy and Data Security

By Ranggi R.

Published on July 21, 2023

People spend their time online now.

According to research by Meltwater, the average time of people spending time using the internet globally is 6 hours 37 minutes, while time spent on social platforms has increased to more than 2.5 hours per day.

This is enough evidence for everyone who runs the business to be more aware of digitization. It is highly recommended to start digitizing what you are running.

I bet business owners even spend their time on email, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and other online platforms. So, why not just digitize your business and be online for now?

The Importance of Business Digitization

Shifting a business to a digital format is a step that business owners need to take. Start with digitization.

As we know, Relying more on technologies can increase efficiency. Therefore, considering digitization is as important as generating income.

In short, digitization is the process of converting or changing analog form into digital form. Of course organizations must implement it into their business operations.  

As digital transformation enters the business world, it is very important to digitize paper reports, documents, contracts, invoices. With digitization, business owners can gain more control over these things and streamline processes.

Documents can be a problem itself sometimes. It takes a lot of time and effort to manage them all, especially if documents are lost. By digitization, documents always can be easy to get and accessible, which results in better efficiency.

Its accessibility comes from the location where documents are stored. This shows that digitization solves problems when it comes to inventory. Besides that, digitization allows business owners to duplicate documents in order to protect documents.

It will be difficult if a business is not even concerned about digital strategy. Without it, an organization finds it hard only to manage every aspect of a business. Even worse, it will be more difficult to grow the business on a more massive scale.

The Benefits of Business Digitization

Here are several benefits for companies that experience digital transformation:

  1. Enhanced customer experience: With data-driven insights, companies will know customer needs and behavior. So they can deliver targeted marketing campaigns. 
  2. Improved efficiency: No more time-consuming, digitalization allows businesses to automate their processes, reducing manual efforts and improving efficiency. 
  3. Agile and responsive operations: With real-time data, companies can identify customer’s needs and respond it clearly. It improves competitiveness for long-term success. 

Here is How to Digitize Business

After business digitization, it is easier to digitally transform a business and create its online presence. Here’s how:

  • Sell Services or Products Online

In order to turn your business into digital, make sure that what you sell can be purchased online.

Start creating a website, or social media account, or be available on e-commerce platforms. This is necessary to reach more audiences and customers can directly interact anytime and anywhere.

 Make your business omnipresent in real life and digital life.

  • Create digital marketing campaigns

In order to gain more profit online, promote it with digital campaigns.

What is great about digital campaigns is that it can be combined with traditional ways. Therefore, be creative. Leverage all channels or focus on what channel affects business profit the most.

It will have a positive impact.

  • Keep Everything in the Cloud

To support business digitization, have yourself a cloud-based business.

Documents always involve business operations, and by storing your digital format business things in the best cloud storage can handle sort of things, such as securing documents and sharing documents easier in real-time.

If you want to start, start with Jaybod.


Digital adoption is a business necessity and will always be important because technology will always evolve rapidly.

Therefore, you can start by digitizing them all.