Donut National Day Reminds of Cybersecurity

By Agastya W.

Published on June 5th, 2023

A pink-sprinkle Donut is reminding everyone of Homer Simpsons’s favorite food. 

But, what is the correlation between Donut and Homer in this article?

There is one quote from Homer that said “Don’t worry, head. The computer will do our thinking now” in season 12, episode 6. 

In translation, having an IT solutions help you in automation. 

However, automation does not always give advantages, especially in cybersecurity.

A Professional Viewpoint About Cybersecurity

4.0 Industry is a phenomenon that has an impact on human life, especially automation systems. 

The system allows humans to use a robot to finish their work. 

In some jobs like producing Donuts on a big scale, automation is very helpful. But, when it comes to network security, the human hand is crucially needed. 

According to experts, cyber threats become more sophisticated. Hence, IT professionals must more proactively study challenges such as protecting systems and networks.

3 Cyber Security Solutions

Three solutions below might help you before starting automation in IT technology. Learn from experts about how to prevent cyber attacks.

1) Security Awareness and Training

It was mentioned that both small businesses and enterprises are demanding to use cloud computing. Asking for help from IT professionals is necessary. 

  • What experts can do: Conduct an awareness seminar, recommend high-level security applications, train a simulation data migration, and others. 

2) Risk Assessment and Management

As IT professionals, they need to asset and identify potential threats to the IT infrastructure. Including data breaches, malware attacks, and other risks.

  • What experts can do: Create risk mitigation strategies and security protocols

3) Data Protection and Privacy

Securing sensitive information is one of the crucial roles of IT professionals.

  • What experts can do: Implement the best practices of data encryption, access controls, and backup mechanisms.

5 Cybersecurity Experts To Follow

Interested in knowing more about how to disrupt your IT ecosystem? Here are some experts you can follow:

1) Graham Cluley – He is a public speaker and researcher specializing in the investigation of security threats, hackers and cyber gangs. Focused on cyber attacks and fraud, Graham is someone who can provide IT users with explanations and tips. Read his blog at

2) Daniel Miessler – Daniel is Robinhood’s head of Vulnerability Management and AppSec. He provides articles on information security while incorporating philosophical and political viewpoints. Read Daniel’s blog at

3) Rinki Sethi – Riki was previously a security VP at IBM and Palo Alto Networks. As a leader, she develops and manages security system strategies. And now she shares her work and personal life as a CISO on a regular basis.

4) Etay Maor -He is a cybersecurity speaker and a company insider “IBM Rockstar Employee” at Cato Networks, Etay tech professionals the best techniques to safeguard their firm. 

5) Ido Cohen – On Twitter, Ido posts information about current assaults, ransomware, and threats. He analyzes and researches reports on current events.