Art Therapy on National Coloring Book Day (Digital Way)

By Agastya W.

Published on Augustus 02, 2023

Today’s National Coloring Book Day is no longer only for children but also for adults.

Coloring is not something to underestimate it. Coloring is more than just a book with crayons; according to a study, it is a means to relieve stress and anxiety. 

Are you getting curious? On this National Coloring Book Day, we try to explain the benefits of coloring as well as how to do it digitally.

Coloring is Art Therapy

According to the Health & Wellbeing article, coloring can be used as art therapy, which can increase focus and calm brain cells so that the body is more relaxed than before.

How did it happen? 

First of all, colors have a strong influence on your thoughts and emotions. Different colors mean different meanings. This causes physiological responses, such as moods, feelings, and behaviors.

For example, red is associated with energy, blue is for calming, and purple with spirituality. 

Second, art has an impact on the human mind, emotions, and well-being. Besides stimulating creativity and imagination, art has the power to communicate through empathy and compassion. 

Like Van Gogh does through his masterpiece art, The Starry Night which has meaning and truth.

In conclusion, art is a medium to connect ourselves with others through eyes and heart.

Adults Have No Time for Coloring!

Being adults mean having no time to themselves. Even less for coloring. 

Is it true? Or it is just an excuse.

The digital age offers everything beyond your needs. Coloring is now easier than ever. There will be no more paper or crayons, but screens.

You can easily open your smartphone or tab, go to the App Store or Play Store, and download the coloring applications. 

Have no idea? Here are some suggestions for you.

5 Best Adult Coloring Apps in 2023

You can try downloading them all, or picking the most suitable for you:

  1. Color Planet
  2. ColorArt Coloring Book
  3. Color Me
  4. Pigment
  5. Adult Coloring Book


There is no limitation to feeding your mind with your hobby, coloring. Whether you are an adult or an elder, coloring is for everyone with no limit to age. 

Communicate your anxiety with art therapy: Color and Art. 

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