Cloud Storage Data: Where Is It, Actually?

By Ranggi R.

Published on March 9th, 2023

Enter your username and password, land on the homepage, click the upload button, and done, your files are successfully stored. 

But, have you ever wondered where your data is stored every time you save it?

How Does It Work?

To answer that question, we give you a chance to be imaginative. Picture this: bank securities guarding a bank vault door. 

Basically, cloud storage is a bank that has a bank vault full of money. The money is data collected and located in a very secure place. We can imagine the process of data stored in cloud storage by analogy. When you store data in a cloud storage service, your data will be stored in a server farm. Do you know what a data center is?

In short, a data center is a building that provides a house for computer systems that facilitates shared access to applications and storage systems. It contains virtual servers that are connected through networking to store, access, and transfer all digital things.

Data Center and Its Location

This question must have crossed your mind, “Does a different location of a data center have a different effect on the data stored?”

Undeniably, location has an impact on service quality. Besides price, scalability, and reliability, everyone needs to consider location. A good choice of location can reach a wider audience. Meanwhile, the poor location only makes connections unstable, making things not run properly  and efficiently.

Security Level

Even though locating money in a bank vault is safe, the bank needs more protection. Therefore, the bank also needs securities.

To keep the data center safe, the data center is always patrolled by its security teams. Adding security teams to keep an eye on the data center 24/7 is a smart move because cybercriminals find it difficult to undertake their actions and get what they want. Cybersecurity threats are everywhere, and cybercriminals will always be dying to find any way only to steal other people’s  data and other digital assets.

Cloud storage relies on the internet. If anything is associated with the internet, safety becomes the primary concern. The data that everyone stored in the cloud storage becomes the responsibility of a cloud storage provider.

Designed for You with Ease

With its system of security for every data, cloud storage might seem complicated with its sophisticated protection. It might also seem difficult to use for laypeople because of the complexity of how data is properly saved.

The facts say otherwise. Cloud storage allows everyone to use it with ease. Even if you are not a tech-savvy user, cloud storage can be operated without any difficulty.

Cloud storage is designed to connect users with each other. Moreover, users are allowed to engage with others remotely. Therefore, wherever and whenever, users can be engaged with others. Thus, cloud storage will never be made only for certain people, since one of the features is created for everyone.

Its ability to be accessed remotely also allows people to share any kind of digital assets they want to share, as well as receive data from others. Cloud storage has its own environment, which makes everyone able to set permission access. Sharing can also be secure.

The cloud environment is where our data and us get convenience.

Your Data Will Always be Here

After taking a deeper dive into cloud storage, we understand how cloud storage works and where our data is. We know cloud storage. We know it gives us #DifferentExperiences.

As long as your data is in the cloud, it will remain there. Once data is in the cloud, it has nowhere to run.