Collaborative storage

for workgroups & projects

Join the digital revolution and start making collaboration easier, faster, and more effective.

It’s time to move and sync your work files to Jaybod.

Transform the way you work

Jaybod is the solution to backing up your files while also providing you with tools to manage workgroups files. From storing to collaborating, we’ve got you covered.

Organize scattered

files and enjoy a more

organized life

Access files remotely

Say goodbye to your old hard drive. With Jaybod, you can access all files wherever you want and whenever you need them.

Collaborate on workgroups

Create or join workgroups and sort files based on the desired space. Share and collab in real-time within a single place.

Store photos and videos

Jaybod can be used to store and share a wide variety of files, from office files to many file types out there.

Manage files securely and confidently

Your data, your privacy. Jaybod is equipped with high-level security, ensuring the safety of your files and information.

Recover files without

any problems

No need to worry if you accidentally delete important files. Jaybod will back up files and folders within 30 days, so you can recover them easily with simple steps.

Make memorable moments last forever

Save your special photos, videos, and music permanently. Jaybod is the ideal place to keep all dearest memories in your life close at hand.

Are you ready to be

more organized and share your files securely?

Our plans work for you no matter what stage of growth your business is at, whether you are an individual, a small team, or a large scale organization.


5 GB

5 workgroup

3 participants

Up to 1GB per upload


100 GB

10 Workgroup

20 participants

Up to 10GB per upload



Hosted on-premises

Custom branding

Premium support