Space & Storage

Want to upgrade your storage space or cancel your plan? This is what you can (and cannot) do to your storage space.

Upgrade Storage

a. You can upgrade storage. Click ‘upgrade storage’ button on lower left-hand corner of your dashboard.

b. Choose either yearly or monthly subscribe method by switching the button.

Click ‘Buy Now’ afterward.

c. Select billing cycle and check the box to agree to Terms and Policy. Click ‘Purchase’ afterward.

d. You can select Google Pay as payment method or pay with card by adding email, card

information, name on card, and country/region. Click ‘Subscribe’ afterward.

e. Once the payment is successful, click ‘Dashboard’.

Downgrade Package

According to Terms & Conditions, Jaybod subscription plan can’t be changed to lower plan.

Check Available Space

You can check available space of your account.

Go to Storage Details on dashboard to see available space and used space.


You can cancel plan by deleting your account permanently. If you want to recover your account,

you can contact us.

a. Go to ‘Profile’ on the top right of homepage.

b. Click ‘Profile’.

c. Click ‘Edit’.

d. Click ‘Delete Account’.

e. Add your password and click ‘Delete’ afterward.