Recovery & Security

Explore how to recover your files and secure your account here.

Recover Files and Folders

a. Go to ‘Trash’.

b. Click option button next to the file or folder you want to restore.

c. Select ‘Restore’ to recover your deleted file or folder.

Password Reset

a. If you don’t remember the password, click ‘Forgot Password?’ to reset it.

b. Enter your email address and click ‘Send’.

c. Jaybod will send you a password reset link after you requested. Click the link in email to create new password.

d. Enter your new password and submit.

Change Password

You can also easily change your password anytime.

a. Click ‘Profile’ on the top right of dashboard.

b. Select ‘Edit Password’.

c. Enter your recent password and new password. Click ‘Edit Password’ afterward.

Create Strong Password

In order to have strong password, create at least 8 characters long with combination of alphabets having upper case, lowercase, special character and numerals.