Get Started

New to Jaybod? Here are some basics to help you get started.

How To Use Jaybod

Jaybod is an online cloud storage that allows you to store your data on the go, share it with others, and work collaboratively in the same document. You can store your files securely, share them privately and collaborate in the real time.

Empowering you and your team to work together remotely anywhere in a secure environment.

Let’s get started with Jaybod.

How To Access Jaybod

You can access your new account from your computer, go to or go to Play store and download our Jaybod Apps.

How To Create an Account

a. You can create an account by clicking in the right hand corner

b. Enter your name, email address, and password. Check the box to agree to Terms and Services. Click Sign Up button to create your account.

c. Jaybod will send you a verification code after signing up. Check your email and find your verification code.

d. Enter verification code to confirm your email address.

e. Sign in by entering your email address and password.